About us

Who we are

Disc to Disc was born in 1996 and from the beginning it is always been about Advertising, Discography and Animation. These two decades of experience in the recording field has brought us great success and recognition in Advertising and Television Audio Production and Post Production ;our desire for excellence means attention to detail, the perfect sound, constantly researching new technology in the audio world and always respecting our industy's strict deadlines.

Today Disc to Disc is a dynamic reality, attentive to new trends in the everchanging market, and though we work with the latest digital technology available we prefer a hands on approach, with our clients and their projects.
In addition to our roster of famous voice over and dubbing talents from the Italian theater film radio and television world, in Rome and Milan, we also have an extensive catalogue of international voices available and we still continue to search for new voice talents .

Please feel free to contact Disc To Disc for your voice casting and production questions!